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Hey, i'm Mary!
Age: 18
I'm a hopeless Blinger and it HURTS.
Fandom blog: anomalistic-me

This blog is MAINLY a SHINee blog, with a bit of Super Junior and my other baes thrown in from time to time.

I fell in love with SUJU and SHINee in summer'11. Slowly i started listening to more and more..The rest is history :)

He’s a pefect 10!

「D-day」it’s Kim Jonghyun’s birthday! ::  miscon album shots! ♥
"I can't help but dream of you, boy.You've taken over my mind."


SHINee’s I’m Your Boy

Its… its their colors. /cries

jennyplyler: !! Kibum-san! I know we just met recently (I'm Shineefeels) but please help! There's a Shawol who wants to commit suicide and it seems I'm the only one who's seen the post. I don't have enough followers to make a difference. Please help if you can! This is the Shawol: yongamjinkishi


oh my goodness…everyone please read this. please signal boost. send them some encouragement and motivation; they doesn’t deserve this.

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